Friday, 16 November 2012

Shatner and his Deep Fried Turkey Fixation

Awhile ago I posted a PSA from State Farm Insurance and William Shatner ("Eat, Fry, Love").  Of course this was timed to coincide with the American Thanksgiving holiday (when such advice is likely to be more appropriate and effective).

Rather than make a whole new message, the clever people promoting safe frying re-mixed the video with an autotuner.  Magnificent!

Chimeras from another dimension

Chimeras are fascinating. They form the basis of a lot of mythology (Medusa was a chimera of a woman and snakes - the latter forming the coiffure to complete a hideous woman whose gaze can turn you to stone).

A graphic artist was intrigued by this concept and collected a bunch of old x-ray films from hospitals.  He pieced together new creatures from the mash-ups and set them to animation.  What resulted is creepy, yet seems like a quite plausible enactment from another world or dimension.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Out of the Box Thinking

I was taking a survey for a publishing company, and they put a lot of videos to explain their product on YouTube.  My eyes wandered to the "suggested videos" column, and I saw these!

10 best you will never lose:
10 bets you will always win:
Wanna bet?

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

2 minute history of the Earth

My mother sent me a link to this.  Very cool ... but I didn't like how it all turned out.  :(